AIDC 2014

Annulation de AIDC2014

Vous pouvez consulter le message ci-dessous; le 25 Juillet 2014, due à une faible inscription et au manque de commanditaires, le Dr H. Ince, président AIDC 2012-2014, a annulé AIDC2014 qui devait se tenir à Istanbul, du 2 au 5 Septembre 2014. Dr. A. Chadly, le Dr C. Borobia et moi-même, comme anciens présidents de l’AIDC, travailleront avec le conseil d’administration 2012-2014 de l’AIDC pour organiser, nous l’espérons en 2015, la prochaine réunion de l’AIDC; nous vous tiendrons au courant de tout nouveau développement.

Dr F Sestier

Dear Colleagues,

During the fourth AIDC in Montreal in 2012, the AIDC board elected me to the presidency of AIDC 2012-2014 and invited me to organize the fifth AIDC in Istanbul in September 2014.

I am grateful to Prof. Ranavaya and Sestier for sharing all their experiences about the fourth AIDC and all advices for the fifth AIDC. Prof. Ranavaya even visited Istanbul on his own expense in February to work with me to try to get AIDC 2014 off the ground. Professor Mete Gulmen joined us as the national committee chair for AIDC 2014. We worked very hard and despite all our diligence and our devotion to the project, there have not been sufficient registrations.

To date, we only have one confirm registration for the fifth AIDC and eight email inquiries. This certainly is not sustainable as we have only 35 days left. I recognize that Dr. Adrash Kumar has been very enthusiastic about participating in the AIDC 2014. Perhaps he can organize it in India with all the large groups of people that he talks about are interested in attending. I trust that the arduous responsibility of organizing such event would not deter Dr. Kumar from accepting this challenge.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the program cancellation. I must do so due to lack of participation which is beyond my control. I respectfully ask the board to assign this task to whomever they see fit. I would not be able to do anything further at this end. All the best. Professor Haluk Ince »
Prof. Dr. C. Haluk INCE MD. Ph D. Msc.
AIDC 2014 Congress President
Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty
Department of Forensic Medicine
34093 Capa/Fatih-Istanbul